Yangambi would like to bridge the gap between the rich contemporary art and culture from Africa and its diaspora. We aim to strengthen the development of the African art and culture. Within African art and culture are different disciplines such as the performing arts, music, dance, theatre and photography. Yangambi aspires to a situation where African artistic groups in the field of the performing arts are able to contribute to a rich and diverse cultural climate in the world. We want to promote African artistic products and productions for an international market and want to assist with  creating new concepts. Our philosophy is that rich art and culture of Africa needs to be promoted to a wider audience. We aim with this vision to address Europe, The Netherlands in particular, as one of the most important players.

The logo of Yangambi reflects a family tree (heritage) for African art & culture

Our team

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Who We Are

Yangambi aims to strengthen the development of African art & culture. Its objectives are as follows:

Presentation of art and culture to a wide national and international audience through organizing events and collaborations in the field of performing arts.

Stimulating creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship of young talents by developing high-quality productions, in order to stimulate (inter) national exchanges and collaborations.

Developing cultural educational programs for children and young people in the field of performing arts with social themes such as sustainability.

What we do

Our flagship is the iAfrica Festival. This festival is an event in the field of art and culture on performing arts with high artistic quality with disciplines in the field of music, dance, (street) theatre and film.


The iAfrica Film Festival (iAFF) is part of the iAfrica Festival.

The iAFF aims to create an accessible platform for the general public to have an introduction of what African cinema  has to offer. Yangambi tries via iAFF to ventilate the continuous development of this form of art and the importance African cinema plays in society.

The iAFF is welcoming all types of different audiences in which African cinema is shown, highlighting societal issues related to Africa and its diaspora.

The event promises to be exhilarating as it provides visitors a different perspective of how African filmmakers view societal issues in and related to Africa.


iAfrica Music Festival is also part of the iAfrica Festival.

The iAfrica Music Festival is an event with the focus on music, dance and other performance arts with national and international artists. The first four editions took place in The Hague and in Amsterdam. The fifth edition is in the making.

Logo Blackdutch

The Black Dutch Project is an artistic project that in collaboration the photographer Guy Basabose. The Black Dutch project aims at creating an inspiring and positive conversation through portrait photography within our beautiful and diverse society.

The Black Dutch Project will be a series of 30 artistic portraits of inspirational Dutch man and woman of African descent with short interviews and more.

Our aim with this project is to challenge all of us to go beyond the stereotypes whether they are physical or intellectual and to challenge us to be willing to accept and embrace our differences. The ultimate goal is to celebrate our uniqueness, our beauty and the great contribution of enriching our culture. Sneak preview? Have a look.

From Talent 2 Professional

Talent development is one of the main focal points of our foundation. This is the reason why we started the project From Talent 2 Professional. We aim to give inexperienced artists with talent and potential the opportunity to gain knowledge from professionals who are employed in the music industry.

Our workshops and master classes will give the artist a look behind the scenes and a better understanding of what the music industry expect from an artist.


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